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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 12, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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defensive backs manhandled the green bay receivers. jammed them at the line. none of them got off. that's the key to the game. they have to do the same thing. rogers is a future hall of fame quarterback. they did an incredible job intimidating these guys early. they weren't that productive. that's the recipe to beating green bay. >> down the far sideline. and the 49ers are goning to get out of here with a win. how much that they have been through games like this before. the packer game is one. the game in new england was a similar one. does it help they've had those games this year. the packer defense was better than the patriots secondary. clay mathews and the pass rush,
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it's a trevor defense -- tougher defense. >> i think in the back of their minds they are saying we've beat aaron rodgers on the road, we've beaten tom brady on the road. we've beaten drew brees on the road. we should be able too beat one of those guy guys at home. that will do it. we hope to see you next week for the nfc championship game. thanks for being with us on 49ers total access. wrap
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. colin kaepernick keeps it, foals everybody. colin kaepernick, what a game. >> kaepernick answer his critics in record-setting style as he leads the san francisco 49ers to a demonstratenant playoff victory over the green bay packers. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. for the record second year in a row the san francisco 49ers are
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heading to the nfc championship. quarterback colin kaepernick leads the tale to that huge victory over the packers. a live look at candlestick, which as you can see in the live pictures still lit up after tonight's game. eric rasmussen outside of the stick to talk to the fans. >> reporter: you can still feel the energy and excitement out here. it's a good thing everybody is in a good mood, because they have a long way to wait trying it make their way out of candlestick park. i did talk to a couple of traffic officers and they say everybody this they encounter has behaved for the most part. the party still going on tonight. we actually met up with this group from petaluma and santa rosa before the game and caught up
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with them again after the big victrism you see the celebration going on there. tonight some fans told me they felt like there was more energy at candlestick park and we saw plenty of it right after the game tonight. >> niners no. 1, baby! we're coming for the super bowl. >> oh, man, it was scary in the beginning, but they pulled it out. >> reporter: turned into quite a party. >> oh, yeah, it turned into i party. >> reporter: you are brave wearing the cheese heads. >> i don'taffeta know, it's a little intimidating. >> reporter: you saw a little heckling, good- natured heckling of the cheeseheads there. we actually saw a couple niner fans give a hug to a dejected packers fan. it's nice to see that. we're still monitoring the traffic as people make their way out, but a big party
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celebrating that huge niner playoff victory. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen. >> winning makes you charitable, eric. [ laughter ] infred inglis with the highlights. at the candlestick, colin kaepernick and aaron rodgerss and there he is. colin kaepernick. kaepernick after throwing an interception for a touchdown comes right back with a 25-yard touchdown. that is his strength. ties the game at 7. set a single game record for quarterbacks, and threw for 263
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yard, tied 14-all when he rifles to michael crabtree. niners led at halftime. niners ran for 320 yards a team and again, kaepernick ran for 111 of them. a 56-yard touchdown, 49ers win the divisional game, 45-31 and it wasn'taffeta that it was not that close of you can bet that colin kaepernick who ran for 181 yards today a record. te play atlanta right here on sunday on fox 2. >> he just elevated himself in the national football league. >> forget rg3 and forget cam newton. forget michael vick. this is a guy ho is setting a new paradigm as a quarterback. how you run that read option and he strong. he is fast. and he is something to watch. >> sure is.
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>> thank you, fred. thank you, fred, bart today decided to delay maintenance work this evening that would have caused major delays for fans heading to and from the niners game. a spokesperson says the work was uptowned from 8:00 to start at 10:00 tonight. to accommodate all the increase in passengers. riders who use bart after 10:00 tonight may experience some delays and some you may need to transfer trains to reach your destination. >> i hope it's a game changer. coming up a little bit later at 10:30, protecting players on the gridiron. the pioneering study being done at stanford that aims to unlock the mystery behind concussion. another live report on the 49ers coming up at 10:30, but right now we want to tell you about the flu, which is on the rise across the country. a bay area hospital is taking precautions as the concerns
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grow about the flu's effects in the bay area. kaiser was overrun with patients today. debora. >> reporter: ken, kaiser won'taffeta give us any numbers, but admits it's seeing an uptick in flu and rsv, a respiratory virus aggravated by cold weather. masks were given to people walking into kaiser's emergency room today to keep sickness from spreading any faster than it will be. >> they said it's important you put these on because the flu is so widespread right now. >> reporter: the flu spray and shots are in big demand suddenly as the bay area catches what the rest of the nation has had for weeks. fever, aches, sore throats and coughs. new york state today declared a public health emergency, with least a dozen flu deaths including two children. some say these outbreaks have been already peaked. >> take a deep breath for me. >> reporter: but california is still holding its breath, because no one nose
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how hard it will hit here. >> i think 20, 30 people in the waiting area. >> reporter: harris khan found kaiser's waiting room swamped he brought his mother in this morning. another patient told us that facility was over capacity and seeing patients in makeshift treatment areas in the hallways. but our inquiries brought a witt statement from cares saying in part, "we have seen an increase in number of patients being admitted to our hospitals in the last few days and we're appropriately staffed and handling this influx of patients." the khan family is glad their 65-year-old mother was admitted so her flu symptoms can be watched overnight and her son is glad he cot got his flu shot. >> i did and my mom didn'taffeta. that was a bad thing. next year she is getting one. >> reporter: we went by the santa clara valley regional medical center tonight to see if they are getting a surge in flu, but they were happy to report no,
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no new cases today. reporting live in santa clara, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news flavor contra costa county elementary school is dealing with an outbreak of norovirus. officials say teams of cleaners are disinfecting the school over the weekend. we'll show you a live picture of the bay bridge on this very chilly saturday night. temperatures are set to dip into the 20s overnight in some locations in the bay area. and for a third night in a row a freeze warning will be in effect for parts of the bay area. in danville temperatures dipped down to freezing overnight. people woke up to this frosty scene this morning. drivers had to scrape ice off their windshields and we're not done with the cold weather least not just yet. >> let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo and you said this may continue for
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some time-over the next few mornings, the temperatures in a few neighborhoods in the 10:00 hour close to freezing that. is a good sign that we'll have 20s to talk about first thing sunday morning. you see the current numbers, san josi 39 degrees. livermore, 35. but already a few low 30s to report towards fairfield and santa rosa. at the airport, 33 degrees. another frost advisory begins sunday morning at 2:00, lasting until 8:00 for basically the bay shoreline to reflect temperatures in the low 30s. and once again a freeze warning beginning at 2:00 to preflect temperatures back down to the mid-20s to right around 30 degrees to start your sunday morning. coming up, we'll take a detailed look at numbers for your neighborhoods and warming in the five-day forecast. >> well, not just the bay area dealing with this cold weather.
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a heavy traveled freeway in los angeles forced its closure. grapevine segment of i-5 was shut down for hours. as this cold snap continues tomorrow. with follow mark, bill and the rest of our ktvu meteorologists on-line. they are posting forecasts updates on twitter and fairway. well, the crossroads of the west gun show is underway at the cow palace in daly city. the two-day event features a variety of gun and ammunition for sale. the show drew thousands of people, despite the current tenor over the gun laws there were no protesters at the event. >> we had no ideas that we would have the kind of crowds that we had. people are urn turning out in record numbers. we'll have 300% of our best crowd ever. >> while there snow limit on how much ammunition attendees can purchase, there is a ten- day waiting period for anyone
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who wants to buy a gun. alameda county sheriff's deputies continued to search for an inmate who escape from custody yesterday morning. officials say 31-year-old robbery suspend anthony hoskins managed to slip out of his restraints while he was being transported to a doctor's hospital in oakland. when the deputy opened the door, hoskins ran into the neighborhood at 14th avenue and 30th street and hasn'taffeta been seen since. >> in sonoma county sheriff's deputies identified the man found dead friday at a garbage transfer center. workers found the body of 30- year-old luis gomez-diaz at the facility on petaluma boulevard south. they say gomez-diazs with a transient and may have died elsewhere and arrived at supporter on a truck. there is no word yet on a cause of death. hundreds of people at the memorial for a local teenager and the pleg that was made to
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prevent another tragedy. violence at a southern california movie theater. what prompted police in san diego to shoot and critically injure a man this afternoon. >> it's well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. 00 urooj . a san diego police officer today shot and critically wounded a man inside a movie
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theater. it happened about 3:50 this afternoon. according to reports the man was chasing his girlfriend through a nearby parking lot with a handgun before running into theater in the carmel mountain neighborhood there. is no word on the man's condition. the girdle was not injured. oakland police say four deadly shootings in the city all just hours apart are linked and result of a feud between several groups. ktvu's jade hernandez is live at oakland police headquarters where police told her how they are dealing with the violence. >> reporter: oakland police want the retaliatory crime to stop and put all additional resources on finding the shooters responsible for these bold, mainly daytime attacks. the candles burn for one of the man found along 17th tv the afternoon shooting happened moms before this woman picked her daughter up at school. >> he was on the floor. i just saw that and kept working. >> reporter: the first shooting happened at
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2:00 in the afternoon. six hours later, police responded for the 4th and final homicide of the night. that is where a group held hands and prayed near crime tape. today police are linking all four killings, blaming ongoing feuds between groups. members had a message for men between the ages of 13 and 30. they should look at this and know no bullet has a name on it. >> reporter: akil truso says the victims and the four homicides on friday all male, found bleeding and dying or already dead. >> there is too much violence going on. friends killing friends and my friends are dying. >> reporter: in the glenview neighborhood we caught this neighbor in her front yard before the sun went down. she doesn't live far from diamond park where police found one of the shooting victims. >> no shots were heard. i was home all afternoon. >> reporter: with more than four decades' of
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experience here, there isn't much that catches her off- guard, even the woman mogged here outside of her home this afternoon. >> 15 years ago there were drugs and stuff, but it's all cleared up. >> reporter: she says violence prevention comes with community involvement, which in the past cleaned up this park. three of the four men have been identify as 30-year-old former oakland resident and two others. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san josi today said they have arrested the 8th and final suspect in the beating death of a 14-year-old boy. they say herberta reyes was fealtly beaten at roosevelt park. investigators say 31-year-old joe chavarria was taken into custody and they say he along with seven others kicked reyes and his brother on the basketball court.
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reyes' brother survived. at a meeting was held in vallejo to improve relations between residents and police. a moderator from the department of justice led today's meeting at the baptist church in the same neighborhood where a man was shot to death by officers while sitting in a car. vallejo's new police chief hopes to open a dialogue with residents. >> i think historically in law enforcement we have going into communities without doing a good job of listening. this is a great opportunity to listen and respond and make changes if they are necessary. >> there were ten officer- involved shooting in vallejo last year, six of them fatality. fairfield police say they made two arrests after a resident interrupted a home burglary. authorities say a woman arrived to find two strangers inside her home in the 1800 block of clay street. the two suspects took off on foot, but police arrested.
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this a short time later the. investigators say the pair are known gang members. aaron swartz one time stanford student was considered an internet prodi didgy at 14 years old codeveloped the widely-used internet code rss. years later he faced legal problems. swartz was set to go on trial next month on charges that he stole millions of documents from the massachusetts institute of technology. the pilot of a small plane walked away unhurt from a hard landing at a peninsula airport. san mateo officials say the plane landed at san carlos airport without its landing gear down. the 56-year-old pilot was flying from san luis obispo to san carlos.
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the airport closed briefly while crews moved the plane off the runway. now to petaluma, where a memorial service was held for a young woman who was found in the snow near lake tahoe after going missing during a new year's eve celebration. ktvu's allie rasmus was at the memorial for alyssa byrne and tells us about the new safety campaign launched in her memory. >> reporter: the family of alyssa bryne said goodbye. the group outside was just a fraction of the hundreds who met at the high school for alyssa's memorial. many wearing pink, her favorite color. >> i are remember those piercing blue eyes and that radiant smile and the fact she was 1 so miles per hour, but she loved 110 miles per hours. >> engage, adventurous and feisty and family and friends she has was an avid athlete.
11:52 pm
the teen wasn't missing after attending a concert at lake tahoe. her body was found in the snow, near the route she would have walked to get back to her hotel. >> the lights up there, was something she wasn't prepared for. it was freezing cold and she took the wrong turn. >> reporter: an autopsy showed no signs of foul play. toxicology tests are still pending. >> this could have been prevented if someone was with her. >> reporter: alyssas a death inspired friends to launch a safety campaign. >> no matter what you don't leave anywhere in an unfamiliar place without someone with you. >> reporter: classmates left with the pledge to always use the buddy system. >> instead of having memorials like this for one of our children that we lose, let's talk about it before it happens and get the information out. >> reporter: with the goal of preventing another tragedy. in petaluma, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 49er fever is heating up. >> yep. that our coverage of the
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niner's big game continues with local fans still basking in the glory of tonight's win. returning to the costa concordia shipwreck in italy ahead of tomorrow's event.
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. a day after meeting with afghan president hamid karzai, president obama said u.s. troops will be coming home ahead of schedule and that america's war in afghanistan will be wrapped up in 2014. >> this week we agreed that this spring, afghan forces will take the lead for security across the entire country. and our troops will shift to a support role. in the coming months, i will announce the next phase our draw-down and by the end of next year, america's war in afghanistan will be over.
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>> mr. obama praised the half million americans who have served in afghanistan, and acknowledged the 2000 military and civilian personnel who have lost their lives in the eleven years' of war. in other news of the world, in mali, french troop as recoveried to support government's effort to retake the northern part of the country from groups linked to al-qaida. this video was shot yesterday as french soldiers prepared to to deploy from chad. they were there to stop the creation of a "terrorist state at the doorstep of france and europe." in syria, government troops reported to make advancements in retaking a suburb of damascus after two months' of heavy fighting. that comes a day after militants took a airstrip in western syria. there are reports that more than 60,000 people have been killed in syria since fighting started in march of 011. in saudi arabia the king
11:57 pm
has granted women 30 seats on the nation's top advisory council. most is seen as a positive step for women's' rights. women in saudi arabia must have permission from a male guardian before traveling, getting married or even going to a hospital. king abdullah says those chosen for the advisory council must wear veils and be committed to strict islamic principles. supervise relatives and victims of the costa concordia cruise ship crash arrived on the italian island of giglio to mark the anniversary of the shipwreck. 32 people died after the cruise ship hit submerged rocks offshore. meanwhile italian officials say the salvage operation is behind schedule and way over budget. plans call for removing the cruise ship with costs over
11:58 pm
$400 million. tonight we take a look at key equipment that researchers are looking at and it it's not a football helmet. and lance armstrong expected to make a major confection in an interview next week. who he will be talking to and what is he expected to [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
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q x . you can see signs of 49er fever all over san francisco tonight. here is a live look at embarcadero center where all four centers are outlined in red and gold lighting of officials flipped the switch last night. the plan is to keep the lights on every night until the niner's postseason run is over
12:01 am
and that 49er fever was burning red-hot in front of big screens all over the bay area, especially at the neighborhood sportsbar. ktvu's john sasaki is with fans at kezar pub. >> reporter: how is it going, john. >> reporter: this is kezar pub in san francisco, and dozens of fans are still celebrating the big win tonight. you can imagine that 49er legends and fans here earlier went nuts as the 49ers finished off the packers. >> you can't even make it through the bar. i got to enjoy the game with all of my friends. it was nothing, but the good taste of victory. >> let's go niners! >> reporter: the hundreds of fans here cheered enthusiastically and often during the first half as the home team wracked up 21 points. >> it's epic.
12:02 am
this is green bay-niners match- up again and it brings back memories of all the times that they played throughout the years and we're going to do it again. >> reporter: this game had fans on edge because it was against the green bay packers and former super bowl mvp aaron rodgerss. it's very nerve-wracking. it's kaepernick, of course. he is too young. i would rather have alex, but that is my opinion. [ laughter ] >> reporter: just as you would hear the crowd at game chanting this group was trying to motivate their team from a distance. >> niners, baby! >> reporter: it seemed like 49er fans everywhere were enjoying the day. we saw team colors all over san francisco. >> i just love the team and everything too. i have been a fan since i was little watching the 49ers. >> everybody looks happy. everybody was ready. >> reporter: you can be assured that the people who packed this place tonight will be back here again next sunday to see the niners take on the seahawks or falcons in the nfc championship game.
12:03 am
live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. still going strong out there. for more on today's game, you can go to and click on the nfl playoffs. that is where you will find the game's slide show. researcherses at stanford are trying to unravel the mystery of concussions suffered on the football field. as john fowler reports tonight, the hope is to develop technology to better protect athletes of all ages and all levels. >> reporter: just how violent, how risky is this? this is stanford's rose bowl win new year's day. cardinal players wear high-tech motion and impact-sensing mouth guards, a pioneering step towards solving the mystery of concussions. >> i hope it's a game changer. i have said to myself i won't allow my kids to play the sport of football until there is an answer. >> reporter: stanford researchers compared two years' of mouth guard data
12:04 am
to video like this, discovering exactly the direction and energy on hilts on helmets. yet brain injuries remain unpredictable. >> we don't really understand precisely when an injury happens and what will be the threshold. >> reporter: researchers measured one game hit at an astonishing 184gs like straight into a wall at 130 miles per hour. but head rotation, which they also measure, may be just as important. >> your brain essentially starts sloshing around in your skull and lead to shearing motion and we think that that might be part of the injury. >> reporter: and it's in the just helmet-to- helmet. this brutal histto the chest in the 49ers-seahawks game caused delaney walker's concussion. they say the technology was offered to nfl, but the league turned it down. this week doctors revealed that junior seau committed suicide after he suffered damage from repeated blows,
12:05 am
including pop warner. watch this. maybe tens of thousands ever hits to the head, seemingly light please pare cumulative. >> these low-level impacts that occur over time that we could measure we could say put you at-risk for developing symptoms. >> reporter: once symptoms develop there is little treatment and researchers discovered that one hit that is not a problem for one player may cause injury to another. >> it's not black or white or gray. >> reporter: hits are getting harder and harder. >> all of my close friends and colleagues, you know, they put their life on the line, literally speaking every saturday. >> reporter: researchers say they hope to predict the risks of any given head impact in soccer, lacrosse or other sports, not just
12:06 am
football and they be help develop protective changes to equipment or rules. other bay area researchers say there is an individual component. about one in 20 kids has a specific gene that may increase the risk of brain damage. before young athletes take to the field, bay area doctors say each of them should have a genetic test available later this month. that can give them and their families information about which sports to play, and when to return to play after head injury. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news lance armstrong totaled the associated press he plans to answer anything winfrey asks honestly and candiedly. army has vehemently denied doping for years and last year was stripped of his 7 tour de
12:07 am
france the times after the u.s. anti-doping agency found that he used steroids and blood transfusions. the treasury department says it will not menta trillion dollar coin to avoid getting around the debt ceiling. some lawyers and economists suggested a plan in which the treasury simply administered a coin worth a trillion dollars and have it deposit intoed federal reserve. that would allow continued spending in the absence of a vote to raise the debt ceiling. back in action, the nhl lockout is officially over. when the players will be hitting the ice again. welcome se my lcret
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. well, the bay area still locked in this frigid weather pattern for the third night in a row. we're still talking about freeze warnings and frost advisory. right now a quick look at the current numbers. we're already back down to the lower 30s out towards santa rosa, fairfield, life mor, 35 degrees, san josi 39 and downtown san francisco, 46. you can see more neighbors up in the north bay out towards healdsburg, 34 and sebastopol, 32 degrees. the chill continues for your sunday morning with the overnight lows dropping back down and, in fact, tomorrow morning will be cooler than this morning. overnight lows, 24-40 degrees. and that freeze warning kicks in basically for the inland sections up in the north bay and down towards the santa clara valley from sunday morning 2:00 all wait until 8:00. here is a look at the projects numbers force thing tomorrow, 24 degrees in santa rosa,
12:11 am
livermore 26 and san francisco in the upper 30s. once again you can count on some frost to scrape off the windshields first thing tomorrow. widespread 30s around the bay, maybe near the immediate coastline in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. into the afternoon hours it will still be cool, basically up into the upper 40s to the lower 50s for afternoon highs. high pressure developing offshore, but a cold one as well and this is not going to be budging over the next few days. so basically tomorrow morning into monday morning and tuesday morning, some very cold overnight lows. 20s and 30s, not too much change and once again, frost will be basically returning as we do head into monday and tuesday morning. things begin to warm up beyond tuesday. here is your forecast model showing you this, lots of clear skies into your sunday, 4:00 and basically into monday as well. so plenty of sunshine, if you like the clear skies and you will like the forecast coming up over the next few days. after that cold start will will
12:12 am
be chilly and brisk into the afternoon hours and a bit breezy out there. upper 40s to lower 50s. morgan hill hat 50 and san mateo, 51 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. look at what happens. temperatures monday morning could be even a little bit cooler. tuesday morning still very chilly as well, but we begin to raise the overnight temperatures for wednesday and thursday. maybe a few high clouds and heather and ken, by thursday, afternoon temperatures recover back to the low to mid-60s. so there is relief in sight, but definitely want to bundle up the next few mornings. >> a lot of us don't have ice scrapers. >> use credit cards. >> that is a good trick. thank you, mark. a national hockey league lockout is now officially over. earlier this evening attorneys completed a memorandum of understanding marking the end of the long dispatch players and coaches are expected to be back on the ice tomorrow for six days' of practice before
12:13 am
the start of a 48-game season set to start next saturday. >> [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. tonight, 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick answered every single question about whether he should be the team's starter? he not only sent the 49ers to the nfc championship game, but he also outplayed green bays a aaron rogers with an nfl record- setting performance. colin kaepernick
12:16 am
was primed for primetime tonight. on the 4th play from scrimmage, kaepernick tries to force the pass to vernon davis, it's sam shields with the pick six, taking it back 52 yards for the packers. kaepernick comes back and set and nfl quarterback single game record by rushing for 181 yards. 181 yards, folks. packers take a 14-7 lead before kaepernick leads the 49ers on this play. the kid from chico tries to go deep, but that is too deep. terrell brown makes a great catch, rogerses, two touchdowns and that one pick by brown. after that interception, niners come back with another drive.
12:17 am
kaepernick to crabtree. kaepernick passes for 263 yards, that is 444 yards passing and rushing for colin. the kid from turlog outperforms the chico native rodgers. tied at 24, colin again, forget michael vick, rg3 and cam noughton, kaepernick sets a record for rushing for 181 yards. do i have to tell you again? ? his second td of the game. frank gore also scores a short touchdown. niners win 45-31 and coach harbaugh's decision to replace smith with kaepernick seems so right on now. they are 2-4 all-time versus green bay in the playoffs, but our own joe fonzi was at the
12:18 am
stick to watch the maestro performance by colin kaepernick. >> reporter: there is no question about the fact that the headliner was the guy who stands behind center, no. 7, quarterback, colin kaepernick. >> he does a great job of responding. he has done it every time there has been an interception, he has thrown, he has responded with a scoring drive. so far he has shown he has that ability to come back. >> to see a quarterback run the way that he runs, man, that is unbelievable. and you know, to see him in practice, you never really see him open up, but to see him do it during the game, it just wows me. i'm like wow, did he just do that. >> reporter: about kaepernick's performance tonight? >> the guy is playing football, man. he is making it happen. i told you with his feet, with his arm. he is just out there making plays of he is a playmaker. >> reporter: how about you? you seem to just be feeling it?
12:19 am
>> treasjust a lot easier on me when others are making plays. our offensive line dominated out-front and that makes it easier on the quarterback. >> reporter: talk about the ride for you in your first playoff start? >> it's been amazing. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> reporter: the 49ers goal when the season began, very simple, get back to the nfc championship game and this time go on to the super bowl. they will get that chance next sunday against the winner of tomorrow's game against the seahawks or falcons. >> joe fonzi for sportswrap. >> the 49ers will learn whether they host seattle at home next sunday or if they have to travel to atlanta next sunday of those two teams play at 1:00 p.m. right here on ktvu. also the home of the nfc championship a week from tomorrow. now today's afc playoff game started with big play after big play b-baltimore nearly 10-point underdog
12:20 am
made denver quarterback peyton manning pay for three mistakes and the top-seed in the sask now down. hey bronco fans tim tebow is on line 1. that is his teammate trindon holliday, who takes the raven's first punt and look out, trindon holliday, 90-yard punt return. of the he temperature was zero degrees wind chill in denver, but holliday was hot all game long. baltimore quarterback joe flacco looks deep, and this is a perfect pass to torrey smith. smith just burns future hall of fame champ bailey for the 57- yard touchdown, 313 yards passing and three tds for flack i don't know. manning has had some bad playoff games in his career and today he was intercepted twice. peyton three touchdowns two picks and a lots
12:21 am
fumble, but peyton ties the game throwing to brandon stokley. 15 yards. it's 14-14 after just one quarter. now remember, folks, denver beat the ravens in baltimore a month ago, 34-17. momentum appeared to be on denver's side after manning hits moreno. just before halftime flacco finds torey smith, one-on-one coverage, torey smith outsmarts champ bailey again. it's all tied 21-21 at halftime. remember kick returner trindon holliday? this time he takes the kickoff back for a record 104 yards. trindon holliday becomes the first player in nfl history to return a kickoff and punt return in the same game. denver led 35-28. joe flacco dials long distance. denver defenders out of position. jacoby jones with a game tieing
12:22 am
touchdown. bronco defenders were just aux. look at marlon moore, backpedal and that is just bad. it's not only peyton's fault denver fans. but in overtime, the 36-year- old veteran peyton manning makes a rookie mistake, throwing anill-advised pass and yes, there is that corey graham with his second pick of the game. six plays later in what is now double overtime, it's justin tucker for the game-winning 47- yard field goal. yes,yes, ravens upset denver in denver and move on to the afc championship. they play the winners of the new england-houston game of the afc championship because joe flacco outplayed peyton manning today. i know bronco fans at least tim tebow won a playoff game for you last year. local college basketball teams we
12:23 am
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♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant . stanford men's basketball team with a chance to get back into the pac-12 race tonight, but not even home advantage was able to help him. today they hosted washington of they tied game at 58-58 with 3 minutes left, but the huskies score 7 of the remaining 9 points. washington takes it back. c.j. wilcox puts down the exclamation point. huskies win 65-60, cardinals 1- 3 in the pac-12 and washington
12:27 am
undefeated. the men's basketball team dismantled washington state. golden bears try tied a team record with shots blocked. players admitted they have not basis point playing with enough fire, but today the cougars came out aggressive. there is solomon again. cal led by a deuce at halftime and washington state shoot just 33% from the field. huge boost from the freshman tyrone wallace, who comes off the bench to score 16. cam is 2-2 in the pac-12. st. mary's appears to be the best men's basketball team in the bay area. today they took down the dons. the dons are still looking for their first win of the west coast conference schedule. mike mitchell young scores 14.
12:28 am
gaels win, 78-72 and also today byu cougars are 4-0 in the west coast conference after they beat santa clara toe. >> it's the third round of the sony open in honolulu. 23-year-old golfer rookie scott langley started two back and starts with a 26'birdie. langley, 5 under 65, another 23- year-old rookie, russell henley. they set a new course record by finishing 17 under par after 54. langley finishes 65. so for the fourth straight day langley and henley will be paired together for the final round. now that the nhl lockout is officially over, sharks announced that they will open their 48-game schedule sunday january 20th. that is sports as we see it it
12:29 am
this saturday night. san francisco 49ers are in the nfc championship for the second straight year. i hope the east coast wakes up and learns about colin kaepernick. >> they will have to after today. >> the game you mentioned is at 1:00, it's at 10:00. >> that would be 1:00 eastern time for those people back there in the east. >> that is right. >> so let's just talk really quickly about the 49ers next test. what do you think? >> i think it will be decided tomorrow who they will play, whether it's seattle. i know they would probably like to play at home, but that is seattle. i think they would rather play atlanta, even those it's away. i don't think they will tell you that they want to travel, but i think atlanta is a less feared it it team. seattle is as hot as anybody except for maybe the san francisco 49ers. >> thank you, fred. and that is our report for tonight. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel


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